B-Quik is known for setting new standards in the car service business. The latest service we offer gives you access to our CCTV system so you can keep an eye on your car, real time, even when you are at work, at home or shopping. This works for any B-Quik service center, anywhere in Thailand. More than 1500 CCTV cameras allow you to see our people working on your car in real time. You can access the system anywhere and anytime through your phone, tablet or laptop. Just like you’re standing next to your car. So you can see that B-Quik is taking good care of your car.

Access to CCTV system

We provide our customers with online access to their service history. This allows you to check what the last service was, what was done and where it was done etc. You can check your service history anywhere, anytime; it covers all the B-Quik stores through Thailand. Our centralized connected network allows for this. This helps you to schedule the next service of your car and saves you the hassle of looking for old invoices. So you will have all the information at hand. Use it to plan your next service. Regular, timely service will give your car a longer life, saves you expenses and keeps you driving safe.

Service History