Shock absorbers help control movement of the car by smoothing out the movement of the springs. Shock absorbers reduce shaking, bouncing and vibrations. They stabilize the movement of the car body in relation to the wheels and by doing so allow the tires to remain in touch with the road surface at all times. Good quality shock absorbers help to ensure that tires, suspension parts, especially ball-joints, rubber bushings and the rest of the suspension system don’t wear out unnecessary, they also ensure that the car brakes well and corners well by keeping the tires on the road. Regularly checking and servicing of the suspension will prolong the life of the car; prevent unnecessary damage to suspension parts; and avoid extra expenses. Most importantly it keeps your car safe and stable under braking and cornering. At B-Quik, we provide a full suspension checkup service and professional advice to help you keep the costs down and within your budget.

Product Warranty
Under Warranty
Terms & Conditions
Shock Absorber 1 year unlimited mileage 6 months warranty for cars which modified engine to use natural gas (LPG & NGV)

Remark : B-Quik reserves the right to take approximately 6-8 weeks to investigate into the cause of defects of the product by sending the product to the supplier for examination. The warranty shall terminate or not apply in case the vehicle is being utilized for commercial purposes. Customer must purchase the product to use while waiting for the outcome from examination. If the outcome demonstrates that defects are the result of production error or installation error by B-Quik, the Company shall take responsibility by providing refund for the product in proportion to the remaining life of the product (In accordance with the conditions prescribed)