Air-conditioning is an important part in your car which should never be overlooked. Some people believe that the air-conditioning system only needs to be checked when it fails to produce cold air. This is a false belief and may actually lead to higher maintenance costs. Air-conditioning is a complicated system which needs regular maintenance in order to prolong its life and to work properly and effectively. B-Quik offers this service using the latest equipment. Our equipment allows for diagnosing the problem and clean the system using a vacuum system, which leaves no trace of humidity in the system. This system also enables the refilling of AC refrigerant and the changing of compressor oil without having to disassemble the entire system. Other services offered at B-Quik include replacement of compressors for any brand or model; replacement of receiver dryer/accumulator, blower fans and thermostat; replacement or assembly of condenser and fans; disassembly and assembly of AC box; cleaning of the front set of AC compressor clutch as well as ducts and pipes and condenser/radiator. These services are carried out by skilled mechanics, trained by the leading air-conditioning manufacturers.

Product Detail Warranty Price
Air Klean Evaporator Coil Cleansing Warranty for 30 days (If evaporator leak, then we change the new one during warranty period)
Japanese Car 1,990.- European Car 3,200.-
Flushing the air-conditioning system -Refrigerant Refill
-Change Compressor Oil
-Change Dryer
Warranty for 30 days (If evaporator leak, then we change the new one during warranty period)
Japanese Car 3,700.- European Car 4,800.-
Recharge of Refrigerant - R134a For car year 1995 – On Warranty for 7 days
UR1 (Evaporator Coil Cleaning) All Car Type -
Air Filter Artech (ECO Model) Specific car brand and model -
Starting at 300.-

Remark : B-Quik reserves the right to take approximately 6-8 weeks to investigate into the cause of defects of the product by sending the product to the supplier for examination. The warranty shall terminate or not apply in case the vehicle is being utilized for commercial purposes. Customer must purchase the product to use while waiting for the outcome from examination. If the outcome demonstrates that defects are the result of production error or installation error by B-Quik, the Company shall take responsibility by providing refund for the product in proportion to the remaining life of the product (In accordance with the conditions prescribed)